Now  you can play in a casino, and keep all your wins - but if you have any losses, a percentage goes to your favorite charity. Generational cause: gaming for your favorite charity. Engaging the market with this social enterprise entertainment has a purpose-driven avocation tied to community outreach: A win-win.

Good Karma always​ brings good fortune.


Knowing how to design and systemize culture breakthroughs and implement effective management practices to develop people, profits (and yes, ideally nurture the planet) is our sweet spot - This is how we differentiate our company and our clients.  
Being compassionate, collaborative, effective leaders comes with experience and yes, some challenges, so we surround ourselves with the best people and the best clients – We are indeed a reflection of those whose lives we touch. ​

Helping companies find  solutions that amplify brand messaging like this "warmth in hospitality blanket" to recruit Aimbridge Advisory Board members

3100 Monticello, Suite 600  DALLAS,  TEXAS 75205

Broussard Global works with HOSPITALITY companies such as Highgate Hospitality and Aimbridge Hospitality, two global, independent, hotel management companies.  Broussard Global partners with these and other companies to find and nurture purpose-driven leaders, and cultivate the art and delivery of hospitality through internal and external guest experiences.

Broussard Global produced the ULI Impact Awards

The annual ULI Impact Awards Honored DFW-HOUSTON SPEEDTRAIN as the most impactful project in Texas.

ULI represents the best practices of planning and land use, and offers a wide array of local and national experts.  


Discussions on " Women Leaders Positioning Gender in Media."

​Role models play a critical part in influencing young girls to aspire to leadership roles. Visibility of role models in the media not only impacts aspiration of the young, but also garners acceptance and respect of women's leadership capabilities by both genders in business, government and the highest levels of power.​​

Prescott Group Advisors and Investment

Real Estate  firm provides superior services to their investors, tenants and partners through disciplined risk and a tactical approach to achieving above average returns. Broussard Global is pleased to have a long term partnership with Prescott as a project advisor and tenant.