We've had the privilege of working with NYU's Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management for over 15 years. 
Several years ago, two of our team members joined the adjunct faculty as part time teachers. 
Our professional and personal relationships with NYU faculty, administrators, students and alumnae are extremely rewarding, and a great resource for our clients as well.​​

Recently the development of brand marketing strategy advisory board panels in generational marketing has garnered multi-level information from the millennial and Gen X. 

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Through Conscious Capitalism, Holacracy, and the New Cities Foundation movements, just to name a few, we continue to learn principles that generate better, purpose-driven outcomes for all stakeholders. Being a good leader also means you sometimes fail at being perfect.  Effective leaders need the support of a winning culture, It’s rare for a lone leader to cultivate productive employees and excellent partners all by herself or himself.  

Knowing public relations management to systemize culture breakthroughs and implement effective management practices to develop people, profits and yes, ideally the planet.  

Being compassionate, collaborative, effective leaders has come with experience and yes, some setbacks, so we surround ourselves with the best people and the best clients – We are indeed a reflection of those whose lives we touch. 

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Press Clubs all over the country, including Press Club of Dallas have the opportunity to be intentional about preserving  and teaching the standards of journalism.   In co-chairing and producing the Press Club of Dallas Living Legends “Excellence in Journalism Awards,” with journalist Hugh Aynesworth and producer Niki McCuistion, we were delighted to create a sold-out event at the Sixth Floor Museum to honor the undertakings and accomplishments of amazing Dallas area journalists, but continue to provide college scholarships to aspiring journalists. 


When Broussard Global joined the WIPP board, the organization represented approximately 5,000 women business owners and a handful of women's organizations.  Today, they represent 4.7 million women-business owners, and 75 partners! History is being made, and we are proud to partner with WIPP in marketing and public relations.